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Holiday Deals, b8ta Testing, and More [Company Update]

Many of you have been following our journey here at Princeton Audio, and probably have noticed I’ve been eerily silent over the last few months. Some of you might have thought that I just seized up from the stress, but the truth is far from that. We’ve been making some serious moves here at Princeton Audio, and my attention has been drawn elsewhere. I wanted to take a moment and return to my keyboard to share some truly exciting news with you.

Execution: The Name of the Game

Vision and Innovation are important, but no matter how good an idea is, it is entirely worthless without proper execution. It's just another example of how actions will always speak louder than words and how the proof is always in the pudding. Knowing how to dream up ideas is one thing, but turning those ideas into reality is where the real work begins...

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Innovation: Pushing the Limits

One thing was consistent in my days as a consultant before starting Princeton Audio: I always pushed my employees and clients to think outside of the box.

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Vision: The Future of Audio

I’ve been called crazy. My friends, investors, and even my own employees have thought this to be true at times. But virtually every industry giant has been called the same thing at one point because of the novelty of their ideas and their insight into what isn’t immediately apparent to others.

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From Princeton to Nantucket

This is a story we wanted to share of one speaker’s journey and the amazing feedback from one happy Black Walnut Site:1 owner. This particular story is exactly why I love what I do.